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Yes, you do define yourself but moreover you define what you want to experience or not experience in your life.

You define what thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, actions or behaviors that you either want or don't want in your life.

The secret is to not judge the person for displaying certain behaviors but to judge those behaviors as not being acceptable to you.

If you judge behaviors as being acceptable or aberrant, your judgment is just.

If you judge others for displaying those behaviors without walking a mile in their shoes, you will be judged by others for your arrogance, condescension or selfishness. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Is God willing to prevent evil, yes, through the hearts and minds of humankind.

God is omnipotent because all of the omniverse was set into motion from a single spark of creativity.

God is able and willing to help all who seek Divine guidance.

Humankind is malevolent because some don’t seek the peace, understanding, joy and Divine love of the Creator Infinite Spirit of God.

God is both able and willing, but is humankind?

Evil comes from humankind separating itself from the Divine and trusting in ego for guidance
It is we who need to be willing and able to open our hearts and minds to God.

We call the Divine God because it is the spirit beyond which we, as humans, can sense.

The Divine exists within all whether they choose to believe it or not.

Atheists and religions operate in the realm of believing or not believing in God.

Both do not seem to recognize the fact that God is only known in our hearts, not evaluated by our minds.

Knowing the divinity within is beyond believing in the Divine.

When religions and atheists realize this, then they will know the one true God.

~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Elizabeth and I would like to invite you all to our site ‘Service In Prayer’. For many months we have been led to offer a way for our online friends to have a forum to share our prayer needs with each other.

The purpose of this website is to connect with one another and share our needs for healing in whatever areas we feel we need. Please visit the website or go to the Facebook forum to post any public prayers on the Wall or PM us for private prayers.

We will pray for you or help you to find Prayer Partners to assist you in healing and realization of your Divine purpose and the unfolding of it in Divine order.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and for blessing us with your ongoing friendship. Peace and blessings to all of you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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I stopped projecting what didn’t work when it was reflected back to me. I stopped reflecting what didn’t work for others that they projected on me.

I became still and silent and let the projections and reflections pass through me without investing in my feelings about these experiences.

I came to know peace, understanding, joy and Divine love simply by allowing it to be and not letting my emotions react to my experiences.

At this point I knew the freedom of living in Divine love and opened my heart to whom and what I was created to be; a servant of the Most High delivering Divine love to all with every breath.

I and my source are One everlasting. That is the basis of all human wisdom. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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What is the Spirituality Guidance Channel? SGC is a video portal designed to introduce spiritually inclined individuals to be exposed to spiritual videos, radio, teachers, music, art, books, resources and links from a selected group of teachers and requests from viewers. Each featured coach/teacher will have their own page highlighting any videos, audios, websites or printed material they have produced. This portal will be regularly promoted on the Internet through social networking and targeted marketing channels. Please visit the website at the following address:http://www.spiritualityguidance.com and email me at webproducer@hotmail.com with any suggestions, links or materials. Thank you for your most courteous participation in this project. I welcome your input. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


As I hold my buddy William on my chest he looks so blissful. His eyes are closed and he looks so contented. He used to be 8 oz and now he’s about 10 lbs.

When he was little he would crescent my neck and fall asleep. He still thinks he’s 8 oz. and crescents my neck. Then he rubs my stubbled chin because it’s like a giant cat tongue; all sandpapery.

His purring calms me down and I feel the love in his little heart. He opens his eyes and looks into mine. I can feel his little soul soothing me and loving me unconditionally.

What my boy gives me in these moments is a divine message of love. He’s telling me that no matter what I am going through right now that I need to stop and feel his love for me.

He kisses me with his tongue on my cheek and rubs my chin passionately. He loves his daddy and his daddy loves him. My little buddy gives me more divine love in a few minutes than most people share all day.

C’mon, William, it’s time for bed. Time to cuddle with Dad. I love you, (not-so) little buddy! ~Dad

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As DNA strands transmit genes in order to reproduce, so do the beliefs of others transmit into others by repeating and accepting them as the truth without testing their validity. Beliefs are nothing more than repeated thoughts and ideas that one accepts as true. Beliefs don’t require the actual implementation and testing of thoughts and ideas in order to become accepted as true. It is only when we do test our beliefs that we are seeking to validate their being either erroneous or accurate.

When accepted beliefs are transmitted to others and they accept them as true they become cultural ‘memes’. A meme is nothing more than an idea or element of a social behavior that has become an individual belief and is passed on to, and accepted as truth by others in a particular culture. It leads to others emulating or imitating those memes as standards of behavior that other individuals ‘should’ adhere to in order to be accepted by their peers. If memes are birthed from individual beliefs transmitted and accepted by others, then where do individual ideas come from?

In Jungian psychology, ideas are birthed from ‘archetypes’, which are “collectively inherited unconscious ideas, patterns of thought or images, which are ‘universally’ present in individual psyches.” [dictionary.com] In other words, pre-programmed archetypes of subconscious established patterns of existence bubbling to the surface of the conscious mind as thoughts and images become ideas from which we, when repeated enough to become beliefs, eventually accept as true even though they haven’t been validated by thorough scientific testing. Cultural memes become accepted forms of behavior because of our social yearnings to ‘fit in’ and be accepted in particular social groups. We are successful living organisms that have subconsciously learned what we ‘feel’ we need to survive. We specifically don’t ‘think’ most of the time; we emotionally react to events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of others and ‘believe’ that it is thinking.

Thinking is a rational process of observing, evaluating and ‘reasoning’ out what is actually happening in your environment. It is discerning the reflections of the projections of the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ energy and matter in ‘perceived dualistic reality (PDR)’ on the omniversal stage of reality. Reality, in actuality, is an electro-chemical copy in our brains that we view as graphical images and file away into our subconscious minds as being the ‘truth’. The problem is, that all of our perceptions are ‘filtered’ through our individual belief systems (which are constructed by our experiences in our environments) which don’t require us to validate their complete truthfulness.

When we observe the results of others’ behaviors we move from discerning our individual reality into ‘judging’ the reality of others as to whether or not those behaviors would benefit us. The missing factor here is that we have not experienced what others have and they have discerned their beliefs and behaviors based on ‘their’ individual experiences and subsequent beliefs about their experiences. In effect, we have NOT ‘walked a mile in their shoes’ and what our experiences have taught us has nothing to do with what their experiences have taught them ‘except’ with the accepted cultural memes that we have collectively accepted as true.

The only way to see if collective experiences have the same result is by testing their validity. Erroneous beliefs crumble when scientific experimentation denies their validity. Accurate beliefs are validated when scientific experimentation proves that they are true; most of the time. This omniverse is a giant clock that moves and exchanges seen and unseen energy and matter. There are so many variables, combinations and perceptions of those variable and combinations that we tend to go with the beliefs that ‘make sense’ of it all without testing the validity of those beliefs.

The problem with scientific experimentation is that it relies on the sensory input and ‘observation’ of the experimenter. Since the sensory input of the experimenter does not ‘feel’ all of the frequencies of energy and matter it is limited at best; coupled with the fact that anything that we observe is ‘filtered’ through our individual beliefs systems whether we recognize that or not. The belief system filter ‘colors’ our perceptions in order to maintain our self-survival; which is generally predicated on being ‘accepted’ and ‘validated’ in our cultural and social circles. Our observation of ‘any’ experiment is skewed at best! That’s why when a scientific hypothesis becomes a theory the results of the experiment are the ‘same’ every time the experiment is conducted regardless of who performs the experiment.

Most of our experiences in life are subjective because we rely on our ‘skew’ of ‘reality’ to determine whether or not something is accurate or erroneous. The only way to truly know is to as ‘objective’ as possible. This can only be obtained when you go deep within your being and let go of all the perceptions and beliefs that blind you to the truth; allowing the Divine within to reveal a complete understanding of the processes,  subsequent results, perceptions and beliefs about the experiences in your environment. Only then can you have clarity amid the din of existence.

Where there is chaos, there is noise. Where there is peace, there is stillness and silence. Retreat each and every day into your personal realm of peace within. It is there that all suppositions, feelings and beliefs about your perceived dualistic reality will be shattered by the light of Divine truth. Otherwise, it’s like trying to have an important and critical conversation on your cell phone while in a crowd of people trying to do the same. Some of your attention will be distracted by the shrill of noise that exists in the outer world. Focused attention on the source of Divine love within requires peace amid the chaos.

Make the time daily to commune with the Divine and reap the blessings of peace, understanding, joy and Divine love. Albert Einstein once said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don't know how or why.” Place yourself in the space where peace rules and the clarity of Divine communication will be revealed. Make time for Divine communication every day in meditation and you will be reaping the rewards of peace and clarity amid the chaos and noise of the outer world. God bless you in your inner journey to a complete understanding of your inner divinity.  ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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The problem with the Republicans in regard to the Affordable Care Act is that they have a pre-existing condition called conservatism. Conservatism is a philosophy that espouses the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change [dictionary.com].

Now, how can anyone with a philosophy like this EVER grow, expand and progress into something better if they keep holding on to the past and what worked in the past? The truth of the matter is that as we grow, expand and progress as a society our laws and relationships must do the same or we are doomed to create more friction than to provide smooth passage into our collective future.

Do you want a world that respects everyone in it? Do you want a world that supports education of its constituents in all of the humanities, arts and sciences? Do you want a world that seeks integration into peace or do you want a world that fosters separation, divisiveness or war? Stop holding onto traditional values that DON’T work and embrace the progressive values that grow along with us.

Liberate yourself from the constriction of conservatism and move in a steadfast manner into our collective future where we all live in peace, understanding, joy AND Divine love. Get out and vote down the conservative nay-sayers that only want to pad their wallets instead of investing in you and your families. See them for what they are; vipers in the snake pit just waiting for you to fall into their snare of stinkin’ thinkin’ and backwards movement.

Once they bite you and inject their venom of non-validated ‘facts’, they will convince you that what has worked in the past will always work. That is childishness and foolishness at best. Tell them to grow up from ‘me’ thinking and agenda manifestation into ‘we’ thinking and progressive manifestation. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Only a fool believes the spin on what someone says instead of researching the facts about what they truly said and the context in which it was said.

When rumor and spin are declarative and not seen as being obscured by clouds of agenda manifestation, those who are less discerning than others will accept what rumor and spin present as true.

By repeating such rumor and spin to others when they are in receptive states fueled by a pre-programming of agenda manifestation, erroneous beliefs are forged within the subconscious mind.

In other words, what Fox News does every day and calls it news. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Be Ye Therefore Perfect! by Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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What is the Spirituality Guidance Channel? SGC is a video portal designed to introduce spiritually inclined individuals to be exposed to spiritual videos, radio, teachers, music, art, books, resources and links from a selected group of teachers and requests from viewers. Each featured coach/teacher will have their own page highlighting any videos, audios, websites or printed material they have produced. This portal will be regularly promoted on the Internet through social networking and targeted marketing channels. Please visit the website at the following address:
and email me at webproducer@hotmail.com with any suggestions, links or materials. Thank you for your most courteous participation in this project. I welcome your input. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Welcome to our new Sunday Morning Service by Dr. Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Every week Dr. Dean will be engaging subjects that are pertinent to your growth and expansion into recognition of; respect to; and communication with your inner spirit.

Please feel free to comment or suggest topics for review. May the Divine always bless you and your families! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer

I stopped searching and became One. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I stopped looking for love when I realized that I was it. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I stopped feeling sorry for others when I realized I was feeling sorry for myself. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I stopped believing in a higher power when I came to know that it dwells within me and I know its presence with every breath. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

That which is the creator of everything is that which dwells in you always. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The ongoing search for truth is never seeded then harvested with a mind and heart that blindly accepts what others believe and say is the truth and makes no effort to thoroughly inspect its validity. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I respect people who seek validation of the truth because it shows me that they are truly seeking the truth and not blindly accepting it as it appears to be the truth. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

If you are not sure of what appears to be the truth it is beneficial for you to establish its validity; for in doing so you become a true seeker of truth and not a blind believer. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Blind believer; seeing denier. “When scientifically investigating the natural world, the only worse thing than a blind believer is a seeing denier.” ~Neil deGrasse Tyson

"There are three steps in the revelation of any truth: in the first, it is ridiculed; in the second, it is resisted; in the third, it is considered self-evident." -Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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I watched a segment this morning on Morning Joe about a new book by Alison Stewart entitled, “First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America's First Black Public High School.” Following is the book description from amazon.com: “Dunbar High School in Washington, DC, defied the odds and, in the process, changed America. In the first half of the twentieth century, Dunbar was an academically elite public school, despite being racially segregated by law and existing at the mercy of racist congressmen who held the school’s purse strings. These enormous challenges did not stop the local community from rallying for the cause of educating its children.

Dunbar attracted an extraordinary faculty: one early principal was the first black graduate of Harvard, almost all the teachers had graduate degrees, and several earned PhDs—all extraordinary achievements given the Jim Crow laws of the times. Over the school’s first eighty years, these teachers developed generations of highly educated, high-achieving African Americans, groundbreakers that included the first black member of a presidential cabinet, the first black graduate of the US Naval Academy, the first black army general, the creator of the modern blood bank, the first black state attorney general, the legal mastermind behind school desegregation, and hundreds of educators.

By the 1950s, Dunbar High School was sending 80 percent of its students to college. Today, as with too many troubled urban public schools, the majority of Dunbar students struggle with reading and math. Journalist and author Alison Stewart, whose parents were both Dunbar graduates, tells the story of the school’s rise, fall, and path toward resurgence as it looks to reopen its new, state-of-the-art campus in the fall of 2013.”

I am sooooo looking forward to reading this book because it shows that despite the social odds at the time of its heyday, many went on to beat those odds and became the first ones in their fields to declare, “I am not 3/5 of a person; I am a whole person!” We can all learn from these luminaries as they became the best that they could be despite the prejudices of those less advanced and so self-righteous. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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What is the Spirituality Guidance Channel? SGC is a video portal designed to introduce spiritually inclined individuals to be exposed to spiritual videos, radio, teachers, music, art, books, resources and links from a selected group of teachers and requests from viewers. Each featured coach/teacher will have their own page highlighting any videos, audios, websites or printed material they have produced. This portal will be regularly promoted on the Internet through social networking and targeted marketing channels. Please visit the website at the following address:http://www.spiritualityguidance.com and email me at webproducer@hotmail.com with any suggestions, links or materials. Thank you for your most courteous participation in this project. I welcome your input. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


What Is Judgment? by Dean A. Banks, D.D.


If I can do this, then I can do that. If I get enough love, I will be so loving. If I get enough money, I will be able to do this and that. If I had a better job I could do so much more. If I was like this person or that person I could be living a great life.

As long as you live in the world of ‘ifs’ you will remain in a state of wanting something you will NEVER get because in your mind it’s a possibility and not a probability. When I do this, I will do that. When I get enough love, I will be so loving. When I get enough money, I will be able to do this and that. When I get a better job I will do so much more. When I am like this person or that person I will be living a great life.

As long as you live in the world of ‘whens’ you will remain in a state of desiring someting you will NEVER get because in your mind it’s a probability and won’t occur until sometime in the future. Why do the ‘ifs’ and ‘whens’ separate you from feeling fulfilled? Because you are operating in the backwards world of if or when I do this, then that will happen.

When you change the channel and say that you are happy and fulfilled because you have done what you wanted to do in your heart and mind you are creating the vibration of the accomplishment of your desire instead of the yearning for your ego to be fulfilled. That vibration is the true desire of your heart and it will literally align you with all of the opportunities you need to fulfill your desire. By expecting and ‘feeling’ the joy of accomplishment you are now in the world of it happening instead of ‘if’ or ‘when’ it will happen.

No more ‘ifs’ and ‘whens’, please! Instead state that ‘I am happy and fulfilled because I am living the desires of my heart; right here, right now! When you feel the joy in the present the gift of fulfillment is yours. When you regret the past, are unsure of the future or expect to be happy in the future you are NOT living in the NOW. Be here now and live from complete fulfillment of your innermost dreams. It is your choice! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply changes form. This is a LAW of the universe. Why do so many try to buck this law? It seems that they simply don’t understand that matter is a denser form of energy and energy is less dense form of matter.

Do you know that the relative distances between subatomic particles are astronomical in comparison? Do you know that much of what we call matter are atoms and molecules held in a scaffolding of dark matter and being pulled apart by dark energy that ‘appears’ to be empty space? Do you even care?

When your physical body dies the energy of your consciousness is released from its temporal home and integrates itself into the dark (or unsensed) energy and matter of the omniverse. It has always been this way and it will always be this way because energy was created from the singularity of creation, cooled down into matter and discharges that same energy of consciousness into the omniverse upon your death.

When the body dies, your inner spirit does not die; it simply changes and manifests into a new form. When your spirit is in your body you are a living soul. When it leaves, your body converts back into the essential elements from which it came and your spirit lives on in the vastness of the omniverse. How do I know this? Because energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply changes form. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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A dear friend of mine just said he eventually becomes what he judges. Judgment affords us the ability to decide what works for us and what doesn’t.

Judgment is NOT to be feared but utilized. It is a tool of discovery that helps us grow and expand into the wisdom of discernment. Becoming what you judge allows you the perspective of what not to be so you can be what you are.

Our perceived journey provides the view of the river of life from the opposing banks that guide the river. If you live your life from only one of those banks you will never truly understand the holistic perspective of life.

Stop judging judgment as bad and use it for what it is; a tool of self-discovery that separates reality so you can learn how to integrate reality through Divine discernment.

Discern all, and you will be discerned, not judged. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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If you truly knew what you should do next you would ‘feel’ whether it was wrong or right. Being in touch with your feelings means that you ‘listen’ to what they are telling you and you act accordingly. If you feel a wrenching in your gut it means that either you shouldn’t proceed or that if you do you should be extremely focused on the tasks and hand and NOT be distracted. It means that you are in tune enough with your feelings that you listen to them and make effective choices.

Your five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight ‘feel’ electromagnetic and mechanical frequencies and input their differences in potential to our brains. Our brains then make ‘copies’ of the sensory input as thoughts and images and the feelings these thoughts and images generate. It then ‘stores’ them in our subconscious minds for the ‘predictive’ future anticipation of events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behaviors of ourselves and others.

Our brains anticipate our next ‘moves’ based on our observation of our environment filtered through the previously programmed experiences and feelings stored in our subconscious minds in order to ‘predict’ and ‘anticipate’ what our next behaviors should be in order to maintain our safety and security. The feelings that we store and accept as true in our subconscious minds are integral in how we proceed. When thoughts are repeated with the feelings underlying them they become beliefs.

Our beliefs get stored in our subconscious minds and if they are erroneous and not accurate they can affect not only our safety and security, but our growth and expansion as well. Always test what you believe by understanding why you are feeling what you are feeling. How do you do this? You experience what you feel to its deepest level, ask for Divine guidance, seek that guidance in the peace and quiet of the spirit within and knock on the door of serving others.

The acid test is always, does it benefit all or just me? If it benefits everyone then you should feel good about it. If it benefits just you and hurts another, then you should feel bad about it. If you don’t, then your ego is in command and NOT the Spirit of God. Get in touch with your feelings everyday by praying for direction, meditating for guidance and serving others with Divine love. You will come to KNOW which way to proceed instead of ‘believing’ which way to proceed. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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Is Living In Wealth Your Divine Right?

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J Ross Dock Hester: "Knowing George III was enough to convince them we must protect each other from madmen and tyrants. Knowledge is often the best weapon."

Dean A. Banks: "Oh yeah...it's 2013 not 1775!"

J Ross Dock Hester: "Not only is the struggle for power timeless, it extends throughout the omniverse. However, only on this plane is the need for physical precautions against evil necessary."

Dean A. Banks: "That which you fear the most will be visited upon you until you trust completely in the Divine."

J Ross Dock Hester: "The Divine still expects me to wear a seatbelt, motorcycle helmet, and gloves. He expected me to learn to swim before I went kayaking. Preparation is your responsibility. Such is respect rather than fear."

Dean A. Banks: "All valid except having the power over life and death of another."

J Ross Dock Hester: "I have that right now without a "weapon." As I said, knowledge is the most powerful weapon. Anyone who has ever operated fire apparatus could kill any number of brother firefighters by miscalculating operating pressures, by the way they drove the apparatus, or the way we handled the valves. Anyone who services breathing apparatus has the power of life or death over the next man to use it. As a Physician Assistant, my verbal or written orders could kill as easily as they could heal. Each and every time you start your car, you have the power to kill with irresponsible use. It is the responsible and benign mindset that makes the difference, coupled with knowledge and right action."

Dean A. Banks: "True, but a handgun or rifle does not afford the user any time to think about what they are doing. It's instantaneous."

J Ross Dock Hester: "No more than a water hammer, crossing into oncoming traffic, or a hand strike that crushes your larynx or separates your parieto-temporal suture. Even with firearms, the majority of GSW's aren't lethal. Anyone who picks up a weapon with irresponsible intent has already thought hard about what he was doing before he aimed, much less pulled the trigger. I had a marine client who was concerned that I not get too close during hypnosis lest he inadvertently kill me during an abreaction. I assure you, he was not armed."

Dean A. Banks: "The only difference, J Ross, is that handguns and all firearms are created for specific purposes; to either mame or kill a living being. They are not created for 'target practice'. They are meant to stop a living being in their tracks and when they are in the hands of unstable or irresponsible individuals who have emotional issues they are potential instruments of death. Do animals shoot weapons? Only humans do. Why? Because they either survive off of the death of animals because of their hunger OR their pleasure. It is ALL ego and defending ego is aberrant at best. When selfishness is elevated over the respect for all life we are no more than living in 'me' consciousness instead of 'we' consciousness. Defending the possession of an instrument of death that was specifically designed to cause injury or death reveals a consciousness of living in fear instead of trusting the Spirit of God completely."

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A recent scientific study has shown that some pregnant women that experienced living through the stress of an extended ice storm gave birth to children that, on the average in the study, had lower intelligence (in reference to learning and application) and greater emotional problems as they grew older. The conclusion of the study was that certain psychological and emotional stressors affect DNA in such a way as to alter its structure. This was previously 'believed' by observable evidence not to be true.

Sometimes our view of the entire picture is constrained by our accepted stance or position. When you are in a valley, you cannot see the other mountain tops surrounding your position. Only when you climb the mountain and reach its peak can you see the other mountains surrounding it. Accurate scientific studies sometimes take a great deal of time. The aggregate of extended time studies are what is sometimes necessary to get to the 'view from the mountaintop'. If this particular study is somewhat accurate, it reveals that we are inextricably tied to our environment. In reality, we are because when you look at the greater picture, we could NOT exist without our environment.

We require air to breathe, food to eat and mobility to survive. Without our environment, we would have never 'grown' from it. We are like trees that grow from their seed. Our potential is always present and we grow and expand from out of our environment into an aggregate of the combination of DNA and experience. It's the old argument of heredity and environment which has now been revealed as being null because it is both that affects just who and what we are. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Facts are observed information from events, occurrences, situations, circumstances and the behavior of ourselves, others and perceived objects in our environment. From the information that we perceive with our brains as being real to us, we derive our viewpoint, beliefs and opinions; which is the ego assuring that it interprets experiences for its self-survival at all costs. ‘Knowing’ the facts and what their repercussions are is more accurate and appropriate for all involved because it take others and our environment into account and not just ourselves. Strive for knowing what is going on in your environment in order to thrive and not just survive.

Survival is a personal experience and thriving is an interactive and collective experience shared by all. The most complex ‘object’ in the omniverse is the human brain. It is composed of billions of cells (neurons) and trillions of synapses (junctions for neurotransmitter electro-chemical communication). It is the result of all of the chaos of the omniverse congealing into an object that senses the reflections in the omniverse and projects the energy of self-awareness. Everything we ‘observe’ through our senses is converted by our brains into electro-chemical copies of our experiences. We then filter these experiences through our individual belief systems that are programmed into our subconscious minds.

Our beliefs ‘skew’ our observations as to whether they are threatening or not to our individual self-survival. How we interpret the facts always colors the raw information that we process in our brains. This is why it is essential that we go within everyday and commune with the Divine in deep meditation. We need that peace amid the external perceptions of ongoing and never ending chaos to ‘balance’ out our individual perspectives on just whom and what we are as well as what others and our environment truly represents.

Our perceptions of the facts exist independent of and prior to our evaluation of the facts and are the electro-chemical copies that we store in our memory as images, words and feelings about those images and words. Every thought (image or word) that we think about, has a correspondent feeling ‘attached’ to it which triggers memories in our subconscious minds that we ‘compare’ to what we are experiencing in order to ‘run toward’ (fight) or ‘run away’ (flight) from what we are experiencing. It is an automatic process that nature has programmed into our physical beings to ensure self-survival.

Moving from individual self-survival into collective ‘thriving’ means that we need to see our Divine purpose projected on the omniversal stage of existence. It is where we know that whatever we ask of the Divine, we will receive. It is where we learn how to trust in the Divine to bring about what we have asked for by living in faith. It is where we allow what we have asked for to align with our beings; by dismissing chaotic negative thoughts and feelings and helping others to become whom and what they are; in other words, prayer, meditation and service. It is the ongoing practice of which IS Divine communication. Be ye therefore perfect by allowing the Divine to guide your life completely. Anything else is allowing the ego to drive your car right over the cliff into emotional oblivion and ongoing frustration. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


It’s funny that I said this earlier to a friend and soon afterword I was challenged: “As I have said numerous times, I fear nothing because I trust completely in the Spirit of God. I don't need weapons because I am protected by the spirit. Will you ever get that or will you continue to attack me on an ego level to justify your own fears?” I left my home in my car and I turned the corner of my friend’s street and a white car came speeding toward the corner. He almost hit me and I swerved around him and proceeded onto my friend’s house. I parked the car and got out and this guy had backed his car up the street and started yelling at me like his speeding (speed limit was 15 mph) and almost hitting me was my fault.

He jumped out of his car (he was about my height and weight and was about 25 years old) and said, “I’m going to kick your ass!” He started running toward me and I stood my ground. He jumped into my face and repeated what he had just said. I stared into his face and said, “Go ahead, I won’t hit you back and like this (I snapped my fingers), I’ll have your ass in jail.” He responded with, “I have my son in the car and I won’t kick your ass in front of him!” and then screamed, “F**k you!” I responded and said, “You yell that in front of you kid and you won’t kick my ass in front of him? I’m sorry YOU were speeding! Man, you got a problem!”

He turned around, came flying at me and bumped his chest against mine saying, “Now I’m really gonna kick your ass!” I said, “Go ahead and as sure as you do you’ll be in a 2X4 cell tonight without your son.” Again he said, “F**k you and went to his car. He said, “I know who you are, your red car and your license plate.” I said, “I know who you are, your white car and your license plate as well. Grow up!” With that he drove off again at a high rate of speed.

Now, I stood my ground because I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t afraid of him because of that and I told him that I wouldn’t fight him. I trusted completely in the Spirit of God, even though my ego was sarcastic with him. Why? Because the truth was on my side I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t go out afterward and buy some mace, a stun gun or a real gun. I chose to allow the spirit to handle this person’s road rage and I was confident in the fact that I was standing my ground on the truth. Don’t allow your ego to fill you with fear in the face of aberrance. Stand your ground on the truth and the spirit will ALWAYS protect you! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


”Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian novel by George Orwell published in 1949. The Oceanian province of Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain) is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as ‘thoughtcrimes’. Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good. The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith, is a member of the Outer Party who works for the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. His job is to re-write past newspaper articles so that the historical record always supports the current party line. Smith is a diligent and skillful worker, but he secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother” [Wikipedia.com].”

In George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, the first reference to Big Brother is entered into the mass consciousness. Big Brother is a figurehead that represents the ‘state’ or the ruling class. In order to keep the people in line BB has to watch and listen to what everyone is doing to thwart dissidents that might undermine ‘his’ regime. Is Big Brother just a euphemism for state sanctioned access to your personal data? Do you know that all communications company monitor and store your activities online and the GPS data from your cell phones?

They have been collecting this data for years and sell it to banks and marketing companies for them to target you for your business. Now, it’s more than that. They actually use the GPS information to follow where you go, what businesses and friends you visit and what purchases you make. They classify your activities into a massive database to determine whether you are a sports nut, shopaholic, alcoholic, drug addict or even diabetic! They use GPS to categorize you and your activities so that they can fine tune their marketing to pique your interest in buying the products and services their customers sell. They make billions off of this information but that’s not where it stops.

The government has access to all of this information at the drop of a hat. In others words, if someone in the government decides to ‘monitor’ you activities they can at their whim. Recently, Edward Snowden showed us all that this is what is happening every day in our country. The information (not critical defense information but information as to how the government gathers data) that he had ‘stolen’ was on 4 laptops that proved just what the government is doing. I don’t agree with how he revealed this to the public, but he has now sacrificed his freedom to make us all aware of what is truly going on. Your personal data is just that; your PERSONAL data!

Businesses and the government have NO right to your data. In fact, you have a right to send a letter to your cell phone, internet and credit card providers and TELL them that if they monitor, sell or dispense your information to ANYONE, that you will start legal action against them for violating your privacy. If they release your private data after you have informed them, then you have the right to sue them for violating your personal declaration of owning your own DATA! Next time you get a cell phone, internet connection or credit card, READ the contract and look at the data usage section. Agree to the terms EXCEPT for their use of YOUR data. Ex out the data usage clause, attach the data usage letter of notification with the contract, sign it and send it in.

Take command of YOUR data so that others will not have access to your personal information. Turn off the GPS function on your phone AND the Google location services. If you need to use them, turn them on and turn them off when you are done. You have a RIGHT to your privacy! Take command of it. I once told a customer that I could install a program that would block any ‘sniffing’ of his browsing habits from the government or marketing companies. He told me he didn’t want it because the government had a right to his information. I asked him where he got that idea from and he said that he had nothing to hide. It is not that we have anything to hide; it’s that our information and data is private and should NOT be accessed by anyone for their own use WITHOUT our permission.

More information on the ”Unauthorized Transmission and Use of Personal Data” is available here from Santa Clara University located in the Silicon Valley. Caveat Indicium! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


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"Pick A Card! What Does The Divine Feminine/The Divine Masculine Need To Know?"
by Angels Whisper

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Please visit The Spirituality Guidance Channel (www.spiritualityguidance.com) for access to spiritual teachers, books and videos. Thank you for visiting SGC and please visit the link to The Seven Habits of People Who Completely Trust In God. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Choices yield changes and changes produce consequences both foreseen and unforeseen. Choose wisely because what you hadn't anticipated is the very thing that will arise to humble your ego so you can become more aware of your spirit.

When you act selfishly you are creating circumstances that will ultimately challenge your ego to come to an understanding of others and their right to live in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance just as you have.

When you act humbly you are creating circumstances that will ultimately bless you with the complete awareness of the Spirit of God within all of life and that our natural individual and collective states are always living in health, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


When the government doesn't pay for the health care of the people that support the government something is desperately wrong. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

That which you fear the most will be visited upon you until you trust completely in the Divine. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The founders were brilliant, but they weren't fortune tellers. When they wrote the Fourth Amendment, they couldn't foresee email. And when they wrote the Second Amendment, they couldn't foresee Ted Nugent." ~Bill Maher

Science is how God thinks. ~Deepak Chopra

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”  - Zig Ziglar.

The funny thing about trusting in the Divine is that it is never earned, but freely given through ongoing faith. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

“What others say and do is often based entirely on their own self-reflection. Do not give your power away , do not let them poison you with their own pain , you can help them wishing them well, but remember that people behave in such ways because they are in a place of great suffering.  People react to their own thoughts and feelings and their behavior often has nothing directly to do with you.” ~Karina Loureiro

Sometimes it appears to be lonely on the path to yourself, but in reality you are NEVER alone for God is within you always! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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We connect you to these providers and we are not responsible for any claims that any provider makes to you or you make to them. We are simply a finder for you and once we have connected both of you, we are now out of the loop and any and all business is now between you and the provider. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


We all have the choice to align ourselves with whom and what we were created to be or become what we 'think' we should be. The choice is always which voice we obey; the one that is self-serving or the one that is sharing the wealth.

Our feelings always let us know what makes us feel good about ourselves or what doesn’t. Are you paying attention to what you feel or are you denying what you feel to fulfill a selfish agenda?

Only you can determine that by coming to know the Divine within. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Right now is time for you to allow your inner wealth to flow through you. No matter where you are and what you are doing God is with you.

Embrace that and be who you were created to be now and evermore!

When you realize that it is the way that you are looking at life that determines your experience of life you will have the awareness to shine the guiding light of inner truth in your heart of hearts on your path to self-fulfillment.

Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Corporations, bankers, politicians and their correspondent business cartels and complexes want wars among the people while the people want peace. Why do the unscrupulous business leaders want wars? Because they make money by supplying both sides with supplies, the machinery of war and energy. Eventually, after they derive huge profits from their endeavors, they benefit by decreasing the surplus population through death of those who fight in the wars!

Their motivation, implementation and profits are evil because it comes from their egos, deception of everyone and the deaths of those who buy into their bullshit as being patriotic. Why not make profit from what contributes to life by feeding the hungry in the world, making machinery that edifies all of life and supplies energy to everyone? Isn’t this a better motivation than focusing on death, destruction and genocide?

Stop listening to those who say we have to fight our way out of our problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need not fight, but simply allow ourselves to ‘grow up’ into an understanding that peace is within our reach, joy is the way we were meant to live and we can all do this by choosing Divine love over our selfish yearnings to get our own way.

It’s time for all of humankind to mature from adolescence into the adult world of peace everlasting. It all begins when each and every one chooses to love each other and not fight each other anymore. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


War is the formal declaration that ‘the way my country thinks things should be is the way they will become after we kill you and every one that believes like you do, take over your country and make you just like us’ syndrome.

It is from the collective egos of those who feel that forcing, fighting, controlling, dominating and manipulating others is the way to gratify their collective beliefs that their egos KNOW the correct way; even though it is not ‘knowing’ but, in reality, just ‘believing’.

War is a belief we all accept as reality because we choose not to believe there is another way. Belief is where the process starts and knowing is where it stops.

Stop war NOW by knowing that we can and will live in peace, understanding, joy and Divine love when we trust completely in the Spirit of God within all of us. Be ye therefore perfect! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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One day all that you have ever thought about, dreamed about, felt, spoke, acted on and expressed will be gone. You will wake up in spirit and say, “Why didn’t I live in my Divine purpose every day of my life?” Now I understand why I was in a body and I want to get back in order to share Divine love! Why wait for that moment after you leave your body? Why not share Divine love now and never have any regrets? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? Is everything else really THAT important? Or have you chosen to make other things more important than living your Divine purpose in Divine order?

Your body will give out one day no matter how well you eat, exercise and meditate. When it does, will you truly be happy? Will you look back on your life with your last breath and feel that you gave your best and did your all? Or will you take that last breath and slip off into oblivion feeling remorseful, regretful or guilty?
It is your choice to live in the crotchety Scrooge mode or live in the reformed Scrooge mode while you still have a chance. When you take your last breath feel good about your life and the fact that you shared Divine love. Only spirits who know peace have the choice to come back and live again with a body as a living soul. As within, so without. As above, so below.

It turns out that how you live in sharing Divine love defines exactly who and what you are. If you listen to the large ‘head’ voice of your ego too much you will make mistake after mistake until you realize that you need to hear the still small voice of the Divine; it is your ‘heart’ voice. This voice speaks in silence. But how can a voice speak in silence, you might ask? It’s actually quite simple.

That which you hear with your ears varies from chaotic noise to beautiful music to the sounds of nature. That which you hear with your heart is the feeling of love that guides you to be at the right place, at the right time and with the right people to effectively share Divine love. Be at peace within and when your life comes to an end you will remain at peace.

Smile with your last breath. The Divine is always there patiently awaiting your expression of Divine love. May the awareness of the Spirit of God within you always be true in your heart. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


Where were you when you realized that there was something more than your mundane existence? Were you at a place in your life where you were frustrated, annoyed or angry? Or were you inspired, gratified or happy? More than likely it was the former negative feelings that ‘caused’ your realization because the tasks you were performing were either tedious or monotonous and you were reacting to them as being mundane.

The truth is that tasks like cleaning, cooking and yard work imbue your spirit with a gestalt of life that affords you the awareness of just how life works. Many times you will be inspired by things in life while working in the house, kitchen or yard.

Participating in the maintenance of your surroundings is sharing Divine love for where you live, eat and sleep. Sharing Divine love in your environment many times releases inspiration, gratification and happiness. Your feelings of accomplishment satisfy the ego AND the spirit. The trick is to be thankful from your ego for the joy received in your spirit. This way it isn’t about what the work you ‘did’, but the participation in sharing Divine love in your environment.

Find joy in the mundane tasks of life and you WILL be inspired in other areas of your life. Instead of reacting negatively to what you perceive as mundane, proact positively by anticipating the inspiration you will receive by sharing Divine love in your environment.

Stop and smell the flowers; smell the freshly cut grass; feel the joy of the vegetables in your garden as they drink in the water from your watering. Smell the ‘clean’ in your kitchen and the food cooking on the stove. Look for the things that make you feel like you have accomplished something and the joy you feel will leak into other areas of your life blessing you with peace.

There is honor and joy in what appears to be mundane tasks. At the end of the task you have something to show for it. You have the feeling of Divine love because you cared enough for yourself to complete the task. You have the feeling of joy that it is over. You have the feeling of understanding that you did what you had to do. You have the feeling of peace that you can now rest.

Smile in delight that you are a part of your environment and that you are blessed with the joy of living. Be grateful for your experiences and you will be inspired! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.


How about this for a new law? Congresspersons that are convicted of accepting monies from corporations, individuals and 501c4's shall be sentenced to 5 years in prison, heavily fined and not allowed to EVER run for public office again.

Do you think that will change the egomaniacs from running for office? Do you ever think that a law that punishes our legislators for aberrant behavior would EVER be passed by our legislators?

It would be if ANY ONE of them were honest. This, in itself, is the acid test for what their true motivations are; ‘me’ or ‘we’! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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