One simple jolt of simple deductive reasoning, along with a little inspiration from some friends led him into an emersion of the world of Divine Wholeness. Newton states: "All great concepts and inventions come one simple and pure thought or idea." This case is no different. From the father/mother comes the offspring thus from all life comes the Divine Creative innate source spark and code within. The job then is "how do we access this great and all powerful source" which for me because of lifelong spiritual and music studies became obvious that the answer was an innate and specific resonant vibration. It then was a matter of testing this theoretical notion to see if universal truth could be found and easily expressed. Thus came forth the Divine Wholeness Meditation technique, DNA activation and Harmonic Sound stimulating partnership with the Novaphonic Q Sound harmonies. A new evolutionary relationship was born. These days most of Newton's time is immersed in Development and research into this exciting, revolutionary and dynamic field of Human Development and personal evolution. 

Antonio Newton like other mystical music masters, Beethoven, Wagner, Holtz, Chopin, as well as contemporary artists embrace a dynamic life of music, spirituality, creativity, science, mysticism and metaphysic. This rich pallet of life experience provides feasible ground for profound personal and creative growth and expression. Because Mr. Newton is a generous, sharing and caring humanitarian, all of us get to benefit from this enrichment. Newton refers to himself, as a creative visionary humanitarian and music artist who lives a spiritual and metaphysical life. MORE »


DIVINE WHOLENESS MEDITATION is a powerful and revolutionary new meditation technique which connects you directly to your "Divine Inner Core" at the DNA Cellular level. DWM uses multi-level mantric activation source, healing and success codes, statements, and sympathetic vibratory resonance to awaken, attune, harmonize, and balance inner personal energies through clearing, imprinting, and declaration meditation processes and techniques. Divine Wholeness meditation connects and attuness you to your divine essence, inner resonance vibration. - See more at:

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"Spirituality Guidance is the art of leading individuals to observe, collate and evaluate the facts. It frees the individual from judgment and allows your spirit to truly be free. By utilizing facts and not opinions, an individual can become one with the desires of their heart. The ultimate goal is to actualize these desires through prayer, meditation and service." ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Our mission here is to provide you with as many tools and teachers as possible to not only discover your Oneness with the Divine, but to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Creator of the entire omniverse.
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Helping Others

As much as you help others, the Divine is always there helping you. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Your heart will be at peace when you feel just how much the Divine loves you. We all inherently know this. As friends, we remind each other at times of great stress. Thank you all for reminding me, dear ones! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Missing Someone

As much as you miss someone reveals just how much you truly know love. What they do or don’t do speaks volumes. We all just have to listen to our hearts. Pray for others because you are a healer of people and you know you have a gift that nurtures others. As much as you yearn for someone is as much as you give to yourself and others. Peace. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

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Dedication: I first heard this concept and word many years ago and I somewhat understood it then, however after many more years of seeking truth and Divine Wholeness meditation, the concept became crystal clear to me. As a result this article is dedicated to my long time and good friend Dean Banks, creator of the Spirituality Post.

In our daily quest for personal development, evolution, prosperity and success, what is our biggest challenge or block? I guarantee you most likely will not come up with the right answer. Most will answer; not enough training, connections, childhood, or some such non-personal answers. The correct and not so obvious answer is “ourselves”. Mostly, we get in our own way. Even if you are a “Law of Attraction” advocate or diligent “Affirmation” or positive thinker there is an unknown hero “word” that is virtually unknown among self- developers. You won’t see this word in any positive thinking or even spiritual guides unless it is a very rare and comprehensive work. This is mainly because we are talking about an “energy”, a very potent energy which in every instance opens a very wide door of manifestation and materialization of all every type of event and experience. Words at their core are energy algorhythms that affect energy and matter at subtle and obvious levels.  To make a long story short the word I am speaking about is “ALLOW”.

Take a minute and slowly absorb the pure definition of allow in the paragraph below!

ALLOW: Meanings; 1. To admit as acceptable, Give permission to do something, permit to have, Give the opportunity for something, make provision for, take into consideration, to admit , to let have, to approve, to permit something to happen or exist, to grant, to yield, to acknowledge, to grant.

ALLOWANCE: Meanings; The act of allowing, granting, permission, SYNONYMS; to remedy.

In our life-long process of personal development and spiritual evolution we need all the knowledge and tools we can get a hold of to assist the realization of our dreams and aspirations. Nothing takes the place of right action however our minds need to be in balanced harmony with our goals and therein lye the red herring!  Our minds are so full of heredity, environmental, and perception negative influences which block us from achieving our goals without a ton of setbacks and challenges. I have discovered through many years of both hard knocks and smooth sailing a very powerful word which accelerates our growth process multifold. In the proper context and usage the word “Allow” can give you a rocket power boost in your life quests as well as personal joy, ease, grace and love.

Ultimately what I am talking about is the “Principle of Allowance”.  The allowance principle works by firstly using your mind to accept new concepts into it without a barrier of negative programming responses. Let me put it this way! The Law of attraction definitely will not work without this principle and works a lot better with it. It really is the true foundation upon the LOA can possibly work. As far as using affirmative statements and affirmations, it is a very long road to success because there is a constant battle going on in the mind over what’s real and what’s not?

When we use the allowance principle correctly we can effectively and quickly move forwards towards our goals. The principle of allowance bypasses negative programming and goes straight past our sub-conscious directly into our super-conscious of right, positive, supportive and beneficial actions. Additionally if you are a Divine Wholeness meditator, and you implement the allowance principle you will see great rewards.


It is very easy to use the allowance principle in our everyday life. We judiciously use the word “Allow” to compose self-declarations. See how many you can come up with. Try them for 3-7-21 days and observe what happens. Write them down! record them on your cell phone and computer. Say them mentally and out loud repeatedly throughout the day. Do them in the morning upon arising or before going to sleep. You can also make paste-it notes. Try to read them at least 3 times daily.


Do not use words like: find, attract, but use “have” instead.

(Wrong) I allow myself to find the perfect job.

(Right) I allow myself to have the perfect job.


I allow Divine Wholeness to work in all areas of my life.

I allow all that’s good for me to come into my life.

I allow all that is not good for me to fall away into light and love.

I allow ease and grace into my life, now!

I allow unlimited abundance and infinite supply into my life now.

I all personal and self-growth in quantum leaps into my life now.

I allow myself to be and live the best that I can be now.

I allow my gifts and talents to flourish and express themselves to the world.

I allow unlimited potential to make money.

I allow large sums of money to come into my life now.

I allow myself to be open and in harmony with all that is good and best for me.

(Optional: Through Divine Wholeness)

It is my joy to allow myself to experience love, wealth, loving relationships and creative expression at their highest and most expanded dimensions in everyday living.

I allow myself to release all limited and negative beliefs, fears and memories from my mind and experience to express absolute freedom to live and be my true and totally empowered self.

I allow money to come to me in large amounts now.

I allow the full manifestation and materialization of joy, harmony and unconditional love into my life now.

I allow and accept ease and grace into my life and all of its experiences and events.

Copyright 2015 Antonio Newton
Dr. Antonio Newton is the creator of “Divine Wholeness Mediation” and renowned musician/composer/producer and published author. You can contact him at: www.DivineWholenessInternational.com or TonyNewton777@Yahoo.com  or www.TonyNewtonMusic.com or Google Tony Newton, Antonio Newton


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