Love’s True Home by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

by Raven Gregoire | 2015

"Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is a self-described supersonic love tonic, a philosophical word comic raining down from the sky. Thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers lovingly refer to him as Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Dr. Seuss on the loose, Einstein tanked on wine and Ghandi with the wind. Don't expect long drawn out explanations or dry intellectual ramblings. Sri Gawn’s unique blend of irreverent humor, timeless wisdom, insightful prose and eloquent poetry speaks directly to every heart, Love's True Home. Prepare to be liberated from the shackles of the incessant mechanical mind as you embark on a magical journey filled with joy, adventure and spiritual freedom. Keep Love’s True Home by your side and reach for it anytime you experience a bout of spiritual heartburn."

by Steve Miceli |1991

The following song was from the album “A Step Away” by the Artist Steve Miceli. Steve is on guitar, Dean A. Banks is on keyboards (cloud choir sounds), Dave Karns is on bass and Jim Burnett is on drums. Summer Skies is about the beauty and abundance of the clouds in the summer. Enjoy the trip through the heavens! ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Spirituality Guidance Channel

The premiere online multimedia resource for anyone on a spiritual path.

"Spirituality Guidance is the art of leading individuals to observe, collate and evaluate the facts. It frees the individual from judgment and allows your spirit to truly be free. By utilizing facts and not opinions, an individual can become one with the desires of their heart. The ultimate goal is to actualize these desires through prayer, meditation and service." ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Our mission here is to provide you with as many tools and teachers as possible to not only discover your Oneness with the Divine, but to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Creator of the entire omniverse.

Quotes By Dr. Dean

Loving And Judging

We love and we judge because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. There is no either or; there just is. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Tempering Our Judgment

The relationship of love to judgment is not an either/or. Love is the absence of judgment but judgment is our way of self-survival in this human shell. Without it, we wouldn't be human. The goal is the allow love to temper our judgment and participate in life to contribute to our mutual growth and expansion. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

The Dumbing Down

Civics courses in schools now are in the dumbing down business for our youth to accept what is and not challenge the powers that be. Critical thinking is out of the window. They want automatons distracted by video games and having just enough knowledge to push the next button and have the machines do the work. If they are too busy and self absorbed they won't realize what the powers that be are doing and they will get away with whatever they want. Who are they? The puppets and puppet masters of the military industrial complex, the corporate conglomerates of banks and news; those who want you to work to make them more and more money while they make more and more money off of your hard earned labors. Stop the control, domination and manipulation of the human machine and vote for the sanctity of the human condition. ~Dean A. Banks, D.D.

Diane Rousseau, Ph.D.

Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, Ph.D. is Director, Administration & Personnel Office at International Space Agency; ISA Ambassador to the United States of America at International Space Agency; Secretary of the Board of Directors at International Space Agency; and Founder & President at Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS).

Diane has been Keynote Speaker at several international conferences.
She does articles and lectures, continued experiences and research showing the validity of Higher Consciousness in life, expanding Higher Education, importance of Inter-Religious and Inter-Faith dialogues for understanding, Diplomatic Relations, Peace and expansion of Knowledge, Alternate Realities, Science, knowledge and expansion of Space, Cosmic and Alternate Realities, experiential and Research, and unlocking the unlimited potential of being.

Diane earned her Ph.D. in Consciousness Studies at the Intercultural Open University in 2010.

God and higher Self are One and the same because there is no separation. When we are surrendering to God we are surrendering to our higher Self. Today and each day, let’s passionately live in our higher Self where we experience love, grace, peace and so much more.

Anita Chariw
Anita is an actress/model and a business owner. About her business she says, “My love of jewelry is the inspiration for making beautiful handcrafted pieces using gemstones, Swarovski crystals, glass, wood, etc. My company, STARRY JEWELS, began as a hobby and has now grown into a business. I love designing new pieces and selling them to customers who appreciate the dedication and care that goes into each STARRY JEWELS creation. Thanks for stopping by and if you have a specific question or request, please contact me, Anita Chariw/Owner and Designer/STARRY JEWELS.”
Krystal Rushing

Krystal Rushing C.LAC, CHt, C.MI
Law of Attraction Coach, Meditation Instructor at Ageless Vibe
Greater Los Angeles Area Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Creating More Blessings
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