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by Reverend Bobby | 12.14.12

There is a time when in consciousness all is well. It may not reflect your ego ideas in the manner you had once demanded for things to be. If you can remain open just for a minute, you will find things are exactly as God intended with God’s support and comfort fully entwined within the experience.

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A flower's voice
When you admire the colour and beauty in me
I am so much more than just the beauty
When you feel and inhale my fragrance
I am so much more than just the fragrance
When you touch my forms with tenderness
I am so much more than just the form
I am the perfection of creation
And so are you
~Åsa Karlsson



Friendship is the soul of giving; taking your blessings and sharing them in love, caring and mutual edification.


Remember this when you blindly say how great this country is; it is great in many ways and lacking in others. Education is the only healthy addiction that we need; not dependency, but interdependency!

Individual Initiative

Statistics are like politicians telling the truth; they use curves to convince you that this is the trend while they are driving the car off of the cliff! Standard deviation of the mean is the biggest crock of shit ever invented. It is used to 'lie' graphically and diminish individuality. Trends are OK for the masses but individual initiative is something that can NEVER be graphed!

~Dean A. Banks, D.D.



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Anna Lieb's Blog

Anna Lieb | 05.15.15

Anna Lieb

I am what I am - that is part of my evolution. What you perceive me as - that is part of your evolution. I love to live, and live to love. I also love to play, explore, and learn. I am what I am - that is part of my evolution. What others perceive what I am - that is part of their evolution. I aim to improve and grow each moment, and unveil my inner light. I am honest person and I believe in treating everyone with love and kindness.

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The Angels Whisper

Sherri Columbus | 05.15.15

Sherri Columbus

I am an Intuitive Counselor. I channel messages from spirit. I am a Certified Reiki Master and am also educated in Dream Analysis. I am a light-worker and my "job" is to draw people back to Spirit, or Source, or whomever it is to you, to follow their "own" higher knowledge/intuition in conjunction with the messages and guidance we are all given daily by that higher source, to help us along our path.

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Marian Fisher's Blog

Marian Fisher | 05.15.15

Marian Fisher

What Americans are experiencing at the present is a well orchestrated and purposefully concerted effort by ideologically pure conservatives to bring down the American Government they have desired to destroy for over three decades.

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Progressive Press - Emine Dilek


Emine Dilek

Iran has been a country of coupes and revolutions, and a playing field for the imperial powers since WWI. This article summarizes Iran’s relationship with the West, starting from early 20th century until today.

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